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Citrus Park GYN is a gynecology office in Tampa, Florida, serving residents in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties for a variety of feminine health needs.
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A Place for Patients

Whether you're in our office for your annual exams or an in-office surgery, or you're simply here for a checkup, our staff strives to ensure that our office is clean and comfortable for you.
Our caring staff undergoes continuing education to ensure we provide the latest, safest care and procedures, and we strive to educate our patients about their treatment. Together, we formulate a treatment plan that works best for you.
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Office Surgeries are Easier

We've offered in-office surgical procedures, using modern technology to the best of our ability to keep you comfortable, since November 2010.
Patients will remain awake and be able to eat before the surgery, without exposure to micro-organisms in a hospital. Pain, relaxation, and anti-nausea medications are taken about a half an hour before a cervical nerve block is given.
A long-acting local anesthetic is used to decrease cramping that may occur, and patients can talk to the doctors or their significant other during the surgery. A large monitor can be provided to watch the surgery, upon request.
After your procedure you'll be able to leave within minutes of the procedure with someone else driving. We offer a variety of different procedures for patients with varying needs.
Are you looking for a local gynecologist? Look no further than with Citrus Park GYN in Tampa, Florida. Be sure to give us a call at (813) 969-2340.